Butterfly Dampers for maritime application

Scrubbing – being a mature technology for sulphur oxides
(SOx) removal in power plants – becomes also more
and more popular in maritime applications. Ships are
a prime source of sulphur dioxide (SO2), which is produced
by burning fossil fuels and causes air pollution.

The regulations to protect the marine environment have
gradually tightened by the introduction of Emission Control
Areas (ECA). Ships in the ECAs may only use lowsulphur
fuels or, alternatively, need to be equipped with
scrubbers representing a significantly more economical
solution in many cases.

Within scrubber technology it is essential to shut off,
divert and control flue gases in a reliable manner as
well as to ensure a fast-closing or fast-opening operation
in case of emergency. HMT standard dampers have
been improved by design and sealing type modification
to meet the requirements of scrubbers. The Butterfly
Dampers for maritime applications feature the following

*99,75% thightness for Single and Tandem Butterfly
Dampers without and 100% thightness for Tandem
Butterfly Dampers with use of seal air

  • very low pressure drop due to special design and
    sealing type.