Example: Instrumentation container

  • Separate cylinder chamber of the control room
  • Front side open or with rear wall and door as isolated area

Example: Instrumentation container

  • Operation site Saudi Arabia
  • Dimensions approx. 8,000 × 4,800 mm
  • Fully welded system with 3 mm thick corrugated sheet for maximum outside pressure
  • Inside with airlock and elevated cable floor
  • Wall and ceiling cladding with steel sheet cassettes C-rails for holding and securing the fittings

Example: MSR and electronic container system

  • Turnkey delivery to the operation site
  • Installation of the switching systems and transformers at the construction site
  • Cladding the façade with aluminium S-corrugation

Example: Office container

  • Construction of ceilings, floors, walls and lighting according to customer requirements.
  • Custom-made design of power, computer and telephone connections