An entire world of industrial dampers

HMT offer a wide range of all types of industrial dampers to ensure, block, divert or control flue gas or air flows. In this context we serve „the entire range“ of industries, applications and requirements. Among others, HMT industrial dampers are employed in power plants, incineration and recycling plants or cement mills.

The major types of industrial dampers are comprised of:

  • shut-off dampers
  • louvre dampers
  • tandem louvre dampers
  • stack dampers (rain dampers)
  • flap dampers (incl. diverters)
  • slide gates
  • special damperss

Special dampers for heavy-duty requirements
Depending on the enviroment and operation conditions, our customer-specific solutions fulfill different and often highly exacting safety requirements and special demands.

  • High temperatures (up to 1200°C / ~ 2200°F)
  • Extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Varying pressure loads
  • High dust concentrations
  • Strong contamination by abrasion or corrosion